No. 338 NAI DFA 26/95

Letter from Count Gerald O'Kelly de Gallagh to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)

Paris, 10 February 1930

I have the honour to refer to my minute of January 13th (109/B/30)1 - concerning the attitude of the various Great Powers towards our candidature for a non permanent seat on the League of Nations Council.

I would be glad to have your views on the subject as soon as possible, as I have not liked to take the matter up with, for instance, Spain or Italy, until I heard from you.

In connection with Mr. Murphy's minute of February 6th - L.N. 80.442 - advising me that it was considered questionable in Berlin whether the correct procedure was to write officially to the missions concerned, I wonder whether it might not be open to criticism that both the Legation in Berlin and the Legation in Paris should approach the same countries in this connection. As you know, I, personally, have approached a number of countries in Paris and some of them have got in touch with their colleagues in Berlin.

Though, on general principles, the more our campaign is pressed, the better must it be, still I can conceive that there might, from this point of view, be an element of doubt as to procedure.

I am sending a copy of this letter to my colleagues in Berlin, Geneva and Rome.

[signed] Count G. O'Kelly de Gallagh

1 Not printed.

2 A reference to No. 335 above, though the document is dated 5 February 1930.

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