No. 349 NAI DFA 26/95

Letter from Joseph P. Walshe to Timothy A. Smiddy (London)
(L.N. 80) (Secret and Confidential)

Dublin, 18 March 1930

Will you please tell Lord Passfield and perhaps Mr. Henderson (if you get the opportunity) that the Government of the Irish Free State, having learned that Australia will not be a candidate for the Council, have reaffirmed their decision to seek election next September in Canada's place. The Government would accordingly be glad to learn whether they may rely on Great Britain's support. It is quite conceivable that Lord Passfield will argue that China should be made re-eligible, notwithstanding the fact that her Government is far from stable and that her contribution to the League is many years in arrears. If China were made re-eligible, we should have no chance whatever, as the other two seats are quasi group seats. China went out in 1928 and could not, in the normal course, be elected again for three years, but it now appears that she can seek the right to be re-elected even after an interval of two years. Sir Eric Drummond is in favour of meeting China's demand, and no doubt he has advised the British government to endeavour to prevent any Dominion candidature this year. Persia goes out next year, and there is no reason why China should not wait to be elected in her place. Messrs. Henderson and Dalton were hostile at Geneva, and rather openly said they would throw all their weight against us, but second thoughts will probably bring them to a wiser decision.

(Sgd.) J.P. Walshe

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