No. 397 NAI DFA Paris Embassy 109B

Letter from Joseph P. Walshe to Count Gerald O'Kelly de Gallagh (Paris)
(L.N. 1/10/1930)

Dublin, 14 August 1930

Dear O'Kelly,

With reference to your note of the 2nd inst. (109/B/30),1 you have now been informed officially of your inclusion in the Delegation to the 11th Assembly. A definite decision had not been reached at the time the Press got hold of the fact that the Minister would be unable to attend. We have not yet received authority regarding allowances, etc. This will be notified to you when received from the Minister for Finance.

Your suggestion regarding the 'Clos Saint Patrice' sounds very attractive, but on consideration we think that it might be better, as most of our entertainment will be given at the Carlton Parc Hotel, to obtain our wines there also. By the way, our first dinner is being arranged for Saturday, 13th September, and we propose to invite the First Delegates of all the Delegations and their wives.

We hope to be able to arrange to have some of the best Irish Whiskey at Geneva for entertainment purposes, as it is desirable that foreigners, who deal mostly in Scotch, should be enabled to cultivate a taste for the home product.

Yours sincerely,
[signed] J.P. Walshe

Congratulations on your great work for the Council. Will write you a note in a few days.2

1 Not printed.

2 Handwritten postscript.

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