No. 449 NAI DT S6009/4

Letter from William T. Cosgrave to Patrick McGilligan (London)

Dublin, 11 October 1930

Dear McGilligan,

Your proposal in regard to inviting Hertzog and Scullin to visit Ireland presents certain difficulties.1

1. To issue special invitations to these two Dominion Premiers and to ignore the others, including Canada, is a thing I think we can scarcely do, particularly as I was the guest of the Canadian Premier two years ago, and was treated by him and his Government with every mark of honour. I and my whole party stayed with the Governor General. If we are to invite any, we must invite the three principals - Canada, Australia and South Africa, and then the question of New Zealand arises.

2. I do not regard with favour the suggestion that there should be a military escort at Dun Laoghaire pier, more especially if it were to be confined to Hertzog alone. There was nothing like this in my case when I was in Canada, and I think we should be careful not to feature friendliness to one as against others, and to give them all this honour which we did not receive would look unbalanced.

3. If the Premiers are to be invited I feel they should be accommodated in the Vice Regal Lodge. His Excellency is away at the moment and will not be back until the 25th, and as he is entitled to some notice, any proposal which would involve the Premiers visiting here before the end of the month would place us in a very awkward predicament.

I have spoken to Blythe and he agrees with me in all this.

I shall await your reply before doing anything.

If they are coming you must indicate an improvement in my health, which was not in evidence during the week past - four days in bed.

Yours sincerely,
[initialled] L.T. McC

1 See No. 446.

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