No. 374 NAI DFA 11/2

Letter from Joseph P. Walshe to Timothy A. Smiddy (London)

Dublin, 27 May 1930

Your minute of the 26th concerning the Memorandum from the United States Government bearing on Article 19 of the London Naval Treaty.1

The American Government have never, I think, addressed the Dominions directly on any matter concerning the Naval negotiations, and their present action is quite in accord with their whole attitude towards the Dominion Governments. You will have noticed that in the last paragraph but one of the British telegram it is stated that the view of His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom will be recorded after the exchange of Notes. Apparently then the United States Government and the United Kingdom Government are ad idem in thinking that the view of the United Kingdom Government alone is being given. Provided the United Kingdom view is specifically set out as such, we cannot complain except of the lack of courtesy of the United States Government. The status question only arises if the United Kingdom opinion is treated as the opinion of all the Governments of the Commonwealth.

We received a wire from the Dominions Office yesterday evening informing us that all the Dominions except ourselves had concurred in the acceptance by the United Kingdom of the American suggestion. The Minister had intended to let the telegram go by default as not concerning us (in the sense explained), but in the face of the action of all the other Dominions it was thought better to concur, and we did so late last night.

Please keep us informed of any different views amongst the other Dominions.

We shall raise the matter with the British if they purport to include us in the record of their agreement with the American view.

[signed] (Sgd) J.P. Walshe

1 Not printed.

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