No. 393 NAI DFA EA 231/4

Confidential Report from Charles Bewley to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)

Vatican City, 26 July 1930

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your communication of July 18.1 As regards the clerics in Rome of Irish birth and origin, I am glad to say that my relations with the great majority of them are most cordial. Among those whom I meet frequently are Dr. O'Gorman, Fr. Browne, Prior of San Clemente, Fr. Nolan and Fr. Garde of the Istituto Angelico, Assistant General of the Marists, Fr. Silvester, Definitor General of the Capuchins, Fr. Sir John O'Connell, Dom Brendan Lavery O.S.B. and the Christian Brothers. I have had the pleasure of entertaining all these from time to time, some very frequently. Several have also come with me for excursions in the neighbourhood of Rome during the summer, an informal attention which I think pleases them. There are also a number of younger Irish clergy whom I have met more recently, and whom I have not yet had the opportunity of seeing so much of.

As regards Mgr. Curran, I have been invited to dinner at the Irish College; unfortunately the Vice-Rector was unable to accept my invitation in return. Fr. Maginnis, the General of the Carmelites, has also been hitherto unable to come to the Legation: we meet, however, fairly frequently, and are on friendly terms. I hope to invite him again on his return from his vacation.

As soon as the Legation is installed in the Via S. Martino, I propose to entertain the Irish clergy on a scale which has here been impossible. The effect of coming, e.g. to an At Home, where the Cardinal Secretary of State and other Cardinals, as well as the Diplomatic Corps, are present, will in my opinion be much more effective than any number of small entertainments, in that it will make it clear that the Holy See and the international diplomacy of Rome have no doubts about the status of Saorstát Éireann, and make it much more difficult for any individual to take up the position of not being willing to recognize it. Incidentally, from the comments made to me by the clergy whom I have informed of the purchase of the villa, I gather that they are gratified on the ground that it will add to the permanence and dignity of the Irish Legation here.

As regards matters passed on to me by the British Legation, I would have written in detail, had there been anything of importance: they have mainly consisted of e.g. inquiries relative to the Eucharistic Congress, etc. etc. I will send particulars in future of any thing of the kind.

It is hoped that the final contract for the villa may be signed during next week. As, however, it will then take a few days for the present occupiers to remove their furniture, etc. and arrangements will then have to be made for installing the office messenger as caretaker, etc. etc., I do not expect to be able to leave Rome for some little time. I have however arranged to have my final audience with the Holy Father in the course of next week, and will duly communicate with you anything of importance which may be said.

[signed] Charles Bewley

1 See No. 391.

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