No. 403 NAI DFA EA 231/4/B

Letter from Joseph P. Walshe to Daniel A. Binchy (Berlin)
(E.A. 231/281) (Copy)

Dublin, 27 August 1930

Your report dated 21st August1 on Herr von Dehn's appointment. I have discussed this report with the Minister. He agrees that the appointment of Dehn was on the whole more acceptable than Wachendorf. Von Dehn is sure to keep to the right path and, I have no doubt, will make just as good a Minister as a Consul General. The question of his becoming a Catholic was never even discussed here. Perhaps there is some foundation for the rumour, but I hear that von Dehn's religion has become entirely lost in the interests of himself and the Fatherland. He is the last person with whom one feels the smallest inclination to discuss even the most general principles of religion.

There is not, of course, any reason in the new circumstances why you should not get into closer touch with the Zentrum. In fact, the aims and methods of this party have a particular interest for us.

[stamped] (Signed) J.P. Walshe

1 See No.399.

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