No. 595 NAI DFA 5/57

Letter from Joseph P. Walshe to Count Gerald O'Kelly de Gallagh (Paris)
(34/147) (Copy)

Dublin, 13 November 1931

Your letter 178 of the 10th November.1 Monsieur Neuray and his type will always interpret Irish news to suit their own political prejudices. We cannot attempt to convert them by making lengthy statements to the press and when all is said and done our only real answer must be the facts of the continued progress in the Saorstát. A long statement would be out of place at the present time. If you think it absolutely necessary to say anything at all you could say that the laws of the Saorstát, unlike the laws in older countries, were not sufficiently developed to deal with manifestations of communism. These latter were not in any sense so serious as similar manifestations in France, Germany and Belgium where the laws were adequate to deal with all forms of group terrorism. Communistic symptoms in a Catholic country like Ireland naturally alarmed both Church and State and the Government accordingly decided to adjust the laws. Since the passage of the new act there has been great relief amongst the people all over the country and the gunmen have disappeared.

It would be better, if possible, not to give any statement at all to the press. It almost always implies something seriously wrong and few people ever believe official statements. For the time being it is better to continue your policy of keeping in friendly contact with the editors and proprietors of principal newspapers so that at least they may not consciously allow their papers to be used against us.

Every effort is being made to hurry up the credential formalities but I fear there will still be a delay of some ten days before we can tell you to go ahead.

[stamped] (Signed) J.P. Walshe

1 Not printed.

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