No. 575 NAI DFA 5/3

Letter from John W. Dulanty to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)
(Secret and Confidential) (Copy)

London, 5 October 1931

Sir Harry Batterbee telephoned to me today after I had seen Mr. J.H. Thomas, and said that the Prime Minister's Office was sending a telegram to the President explaining that in the present exceptional circumstances it was not possible to deal with the Statute of Westminster in this Parliament.

As things now stood it appeared to be probable that Parliament might reassemble after the election by about the middle of November, and if it were at all possible both the Prime Minister and Mr. Thomas would do everything they could to get the Statute through by the 1st of December, though in the present uncertain state of political affairs it was impossible for anyone to give any definite undertaking.

Both Mr. MacDonald and Mr. Thomas were extremely anxious to do everything to avoid any difficulty for the Irish Free State Government and Sir Harry Batterbee emphasised several times during the conversation Mr. Thomas's strong personal wish to get the Statute through the British Parliament without a moment's delay. Both he and Mr. MacDonald trusted that the President and the Executive Council would appreciate that the present circumstances were wholly unforeseen, and it was solely because of these unforeseen circumstances that the Statute of Westminster had not been proceeded with as originally intended.

[signed] John W. Dulanty

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