No. 57 NAI DT S5948

Extracts from the minutes of a meeting of the Cabinet
(Cab. 6/32)

Dublin, 3 June 1932

[matter omitted]

9. Retention of Land Annuities

The question whether legislation would be necessary to authorise retention of the Land Purchase Annuities was referred to the Attorney General for consideration and report.

10. Payments to Great Britain

The President reported that certain payments to the British Government, including an annuity under the Public Offices Site (Dublin) Act, 1903, were pending.

It was agreed that any payment which, in the opinion of the Attorney General, is required by the Treaty of 1921 or by the Agreement of 1925 amending and supplementing the Treaty to be made to the British Government should be duly made.

[matter omitted]

12. Ottawa Conference: Preliminary Conference with British Government

In view of recent statements by Mr. J.H. Thomas, British Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, it was agreed that the President should invite the British Government, through the High Commissioner in London, to send representatives to a preliminary conference in Dublin to discuss the position of the two governments in relation to the Ottawa Conference.

It was also agreed that the High Commissioner might intimate to the British Government that the President would be willing after the preliminary discussion in Dublin to resume the conference in London.

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