No. 34 NAI DFA 11/3A

Letter from Seán Lester to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)
(S. 9/4/Conf. 18)

Geneva, 18 April 1932

With reference to your telegram No. 98,1 mentioning that Professor O'Rahilly had urged the Minister to send additional help for the Disarmament Conference, the Special Assembly and the Council, I need scarcely say that it was not on any representations from me that Prof. O'Rahilly had referred to the matter. I am of course grateful to him for his appreciation of the difficulties of the situation here, but naturally, I depend only upon official representations made by me directly to the Minister.

You will of course appreciate that I am scarcely able to do all this work single-handed in a manner which gives me satisfaction. I am therefore concentrating on the Council and the Assembly Committee of which I am a member. I attend the meetings of the principal commissions of the Disarmament Conference as assiduously as possible and take part in lobby discussions and do everything I can do [to] disguise the weakness of our Disarmament Conference Delegation. You will understand, however, that I am far from being able to read the masses of the political and technical documents connected with the Conference, and that with the best will in the world, my knowledge of what is going on is scarcely likely to increase as the activity of the Conference intensifies.

[signed] Seán Lester

1 Not printed.

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