No. 187 NAI DFA 17/115

Letter from Seán Murphy (for Joseph P. Walshe) to Count Gerald O'Kelly
de Gallagh (Paris)

Dublin, 29 April 1933

With reference to your minute P.16/15 of the 13th March1 suggesting that the President on his way to or from Rome should pay an official visit to the French Premier. The President's itinerary has now been fixed and it has been decided that he will go from Calais straight through to Rome without stopping at Paris. The President will remain in Rome until the night of Sunday, June 4th. He will then go to Bobbio and from there to Paris, arriving Paris at 9.50 a.m. on June 6th. He would accordingly be able to pay a visit to the French Prime Minister either on Tuesday, 6th or Wednesday, 7th June, whichever date is most convenient to M. Daladier. We are assuming that this will be the only visit necessary, and that there will be no official functions on the part of the French Government. The President will of course lay a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier if that is the correct procedure for a visiting foreign Minister. The President will also accept the invitation of the American Club in Paris to lunch with them and make a short speech after the luncheon. We understand that Thursday is the day on which the weekly luncheon is held, and accordingly I would be glad if you would reply to the Secretary, American Club, Paris (who has addressed a direct invitation to the President), that the President accepts with pleasure the invitation and will be very glad to lunch with them on Thursday, 8th June, and give them a short talk. With regard to the subject on which the President will talk I have put before him your suggestion that he should speak on the economic policy of the Irish Free State and he has agreed. I do not think it is necessary to inform the Secretary of the American Club of the subject on which the President will address them.

I should be glad if you will let me know as soon as possible whether these arrangements are suitable to the American Club and also whether you can arrange for the visit to the French Prime Minister and any other official visits which you think necessary.

The President would be glad if the official side of his visit to Paris could be as restricted as possible.

[stamped] (Signed) Seán Murphy

1 Not printed.

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