No. 199 UCDA P150/2303

Memorandum of a discussion between Eamon de Valera and John J. Hearne

Dublin, 29 June 1933

Memo. of subjects discussed with President on Thursday afternoon, 29th June, 1933

  1. Discussed draft despatch re Lough Foyle fishery dispute. President directed amendment of draft in two particulars:-
    1. Paragraph 2. Insertion of reference to fact that fish did not run in the Lough last year but will this year.
    2. Paragraph 5. Remove impression that we propose taking the law into our own hands. Insert reference to our responsibility if matters are allowed to stand as they are, and state that should incidents occur the Government here will be compelled to take measures to preserve order.
  2. Read for President Mr. Cremins' minute (from London) of 28th June and Statement submitted by Irish Delegation to Economic Sub-Commission III. of World Economic Conference.
  3. Read to President Mr. Dulanty's minute (28th June) re his conversation with M. Osersky.1
  4. Read Mr. Dulanty's minute (28th June) re Miss Edith M. Ellis. President directed that Mr. Dulanty be instructed that he should inform Miss Ellis that if she wishes to help the cause of peace between the two countries we do not desire to hamper her activities, but that we do not desire to guide or influence her in any way, and that it should be clearly understood that her activities are not authorised or inspired by us.
  5. President autographed photo of group at Naples at request of Hotel Proprietor. Photo to be returned to Mr. Bewley.
  6. Discussed Mr. Lester's minute (27th June) requesting President's views re a proposal that he (Mr. Lester) become a Vice-Patron of League of Nations Society of Dublin University. Informed President that I also had been asked to become a Vice-Patron. President felt that it would be better to decline, as League of Nations Societies had been alleged to be associated with a certain type of propaganda. State officials better not identified.
  7. Discussed Sir Clive Wigram's letter to Mr. Dulanty (29th May) re opening of M. Guerlet's2 Letter of Credence. Discussed also question of Submission advising that in future Letters be handed to the President of the Executive Council. Draft letter to Mr. Dulanty to be prepared as a basis of further discussion with the President.

[initialled] J.J.H.

1 Possibly a reference to M. Stefan Osusky, Czechoslovakian Minister at Paris (1921-39).

2 French Minister in Dublin.

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