No. 210 NAI DFA 19/40

Confidential report from Seán Lester to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)
(S. Gen. 20/9)

Geneva, 10 October 1933

Ireland's term in the Council

It has probably been reported to you that at the usual Commonwealth meeting at the beginning of the Assembly, Sir John Simon introduced his remarks with very eulogistic references to the share taken by the Irish Representative during his term of office in the Council. Sénateur Bérenger, the President of the French Foreign Relations Committee, made some similar reference with regard to the Irish Representative as Rapporteur for Minorities and in the sub-committee of the Sixth Committee he was good enough to make a rather lengthy and favourable reference to myself.

During the past week, two of the functions I attended were given in my honour (as Irish representative); at each about thirty or forty delegates and League officials attended. One was by the Government of Colombia and the other by Ambassador Madariaga. There were speeches at the first, but at my request Mr. Madariaga made no speech at the second. He informed me, however, that all the guests had been invited for the purpose of recognising in that way the appreciation of Ireland's share in Council work.

I do not think it is exaggerating to say that there seems to be a very general and I think sincere regret that our time has finished.

[signed] Seán Lester

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