No. 203 UCDA P150/2183

Letter from Eamon de Valera to Joseph P. Walshe (Köln)

Dublin, 24 July 1933

A Chara dhíl,

I was very glad to hear from Mr. Hearne that you were now rapidly getting better. My belief all the time has been that what you needed most was a quiet rest here at home where you would be in daily touch with events but without the immediate responsibility for getting things done. I missed you very much at Rome. I felt that if you were with us there were many things you would have been able to do over and above what was done.

There are many things here too waiting to be done and I shall want your advice, so do everything you can to make yourself fit to travel back. You will not of course interpret this as a desire to hurry you back to work or as an urge to cut short your treatment. If you find the treatment is really benefiting you, stay on, but if you are at all doubtful I believe you will do better at home. Make sure not to face the sea journey alone. Let me know when you propose to come and we can send Belton1 or somebody else to meet you.

With all good wishes,
Do chara,
Eamon de Valera

1 John A. Belton, Department of External Affairs.

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