No. 191 NAI DFA Secretary's Files A247

Extracts from a letter from Seán Murphy to James J. McElligott (Dublin)

Dublin, 8 May 1933

[matter omitted]

The Minister for Finance will readily realise that Geneva is probably the most important diplomatic centre in the world and that Conferences dealing with various subjects are being held there almost continuously. Furthermore, most of these Conferences have to be attended by the Saorstát Permanent Representative.

On a few occasions previously special sanction was sought for expenditure by Mr. Lester in connection with certain entertainment.

[matter omitted]

The Minister for Finance will be aware that for some time past various Committees have been appointed and special Meetings of the Council held in connection with the Sino-Japanese dispute, the dispute between Bolivia and Paraguay and the dispute between Peru and Colombia. The sittings of the Disarmament Conference have been almost continuous since February 1932.

In connection with these Conferences and Committees Mr. Lester is accorded a good deal of hospitality, and the Minister for External Affairs considers that it is only right that he should be in a position always to reciprocate such hospitality. For that purpose the Minister considers that his present Representation Allowance of £250 per annum is altogether inadequate, and directs me to request the sanction of the Minister for Finance that it should be increased from £250 per annum to £450 per annum, with effect as from 1st ultimo.

The Minister would be glad if the contents of this minute receive early and favourable consideration.

[stamped] Seán Murphy

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