No. 208 NAI DFA 17/141

Letter from Leo T. McCauley to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)
(B 27/33)

Rome, 20 September 1933

I confirm the following telegram despatched to you on the 17th inst:- 'No. 47- In absence of Cardinal Secretary of State on leave I presented letter of credence to Ottaviani this morning Sunday. SAORSTAT'

On the day following my arrival in Rome I reported my presence to the Office of the Cardinal Secretary of State. Mons. Ottaviani, who is at present acting for Cardinal Pacelli, very kindly arranged to receive me without delay and made an appointment for eleven o'clock next morning.

When he had read the letter of credence he gave expression to some words of welcome, wished me all success while in charge of the Legation, and promised me the assistance and co-operation of the other officials of the Secretariat of State and himself. He also referred to the high quality of the services rendered by Mr. Bewley.

Monsignor Ottaviani then proceeded to talk about the present political situation in Ireland. He wished to know whether conditions there were stable and secure, and whether the recent fusion of the opposition parties was likely to bring about a change of government. He asked whether there were any signs of a decline in Mr. de Valera's popularity in the country. He also asked whether General O'Duffy appeared to be strong enough to achieve his ambitions. I formed the impression that these questions were asked more for the sake of showing that Mons. Ottaviani was well informed on current affairs in Ireland than for the purpose of obtaining information.

Mons. Ottaviani concluded by inquiring as to when I should like to have an audience with the Holy Father. I explained that, as the luggage containing my evening clothes has not yet reached Rome, I did not desire an immediate audience; and it was agreed that I should apply for it about the second week of October.

[signed] Leo T. McCauley
Chargé d'Affaires

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