No. 189 UCDA P150/2183

Handwritten letter from Joseph P. Walshe to Eamon de Valera (Dublin)

Dublin, 2 May 1933

My dear President,

Seán Murphy told me that you had called to see me at the hospital on Saturday. I am very grateful indeed for your kind visit as well as for your many inquiries about my health.

It consoles me very much to know that you fully approve of my projected visit to Germany.1 I hope it will have the double effect of restoring my health and improving my German.

I am very sorry indeed that I shall not have the privilege of going with you to Rome. It is going to be a great occasion, and a great success. I wish I had the opportunity of meeting Mrs. de Valera in order to persuade her to go. I have the very strongest feeling not only that she ought to go, but that it would be a source of great happiness to her. I am sure if she asked Sister Gabriel, your holy Carmelite neighbour, what she ought to do, she would be told that the Lord means her to go.

I'll ask Seán [Murphy] to get you to give me half an hour next week before I leave for Germany. There are a few things in my mind about Rome which I should like to go over with you.

With much esteem and respect
Yours very sincerely
J.P. Walshe

1 See below Nos 197, 203 and 205.

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