No. 417 NAI DT S9177

Letter from Maurice Moynihan (for Seán Moynihan) to
Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)

Dublin, 30 December 1936

I have to inform you that the Executive Council had under consideration at their meeting on the 22nd instant the proposal to be considered at the meeting of the International Committee for the Application of the Agreement regarding Non-intervention in Spain, to be held in London on 23rd instant, that the Agreement should be extended to include indirect intervention, that is to say, permission for the recruitment in, and dispatch from the States who are parties to the Agreement, of volunteers for participation on either side in Spain; the giving of financial aid to either side, and the entry of foreign nationals into Spain for purposes susceptible of embittering the struggle in that country.

Decision as to the policy to be adopted by the Saorstát in regard to this proposal was left to the President.

I shall be glad to be advised in due course as to the decision made in this matter.

[signed] M. Ó Muimhneacháin

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