No. 380 NAI DFA 38/36

Letter from William J.B. Macaulay to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)

Rome, 11 November 1936

An Runaí,

In reply to your telegram No 4 of 10th instant1 I replied today as follows:

3. Your 4. Matter not yet settled relations with Madrid Government not broken off. My personal view is that Vatican will not be quick to afford recognition.

As is usual in matters of a hypothetical nature the Holy See is most elusive. They said that in the first place Franco has not yet set up his Government in Madrid and that it is a matter for the Holy Father, who finds the situation very difficult. However it appears that the Chargé d'Affaires of the Nunciature was until very recently actually in Madrid, they do not know where he is now. I am of the opinion that the Holy See will not follow Germany and Italy in immediately recognising the Franco Government after it has seized Madrid, assuming these two States do so, which is the common belief. The Holy See does not wish to be identified with the policy of the two Fascist States and is more likely to be extremely cautious in its dealings with Spain. If I can get any better information I shall telegraph it to you.

[signed] W.J.B. Macaulay

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