No. 77 NAI DFA 126/37

Letter from Michael Rynne to Francis T. Cremins (Geneva)
(Personal) (Copy)

Dublin, 26 August 1937

Dear Frank,
Please excuse my air of impatience if I write you so soon after my last (19th August1) to ask for some quick information on the forthcoming Assembly's agenda. One of my reasons lies in the fact that I am liable at any moment to be put through the third degree on the matter. A few days ago, the President asked me what was going to happen, and, when I told him all that was in your recent minutes, he didn't seem quite satisfied. I fear it sounded too vague and negative. It is not enough to say the Assembly might be postponed and that an Ethiopian delegation might turn up and that the Sino-Japanese dispute, 1937, is not up, etc., etc., - or at least not for the President. He wants something more definite to go on, as he seems in the mood for taking definite decisions. One such (regarding Iran's candidature for the Council) I send you in today's bag. Always between ourselves, I think there is a good chance of his going to Geneva (better now than when I last wrote), and I would like to be well-supplied with the dope. So please endeavour to write us officially in the next few days, telling us everything you have found out lately. Especially mention whether rumours of a postponement are still rife in Geneva: the President is very against any postponement, which shows he is seriously thinking of going. Also, we want to know as exactly as possible what to expect in regard to the Negus. Possibly we may hear something on this from another source, but there's nothing to hand as yet. Other minor matters requiring elucidation are:

  1. the probable decision concerning Spain's continued membership of the Council
  2. the likelihood, if any, of that country being represented by a Franco delegation, assuming that Santander is the beginning of the end;
  3. the possibility of Spain, China and Palestine getting on to the agenda as precise 'items', as distinct from their being dragged into a general discussion on the Secretary-General's report. (We note Iraq's intentions about Palestine. How will they be phrased?)
  4. All you know of the procedure likely to be followed re Palestine as a result of the Permanent Mandates Commission's recent report.
  5. Anything you may have to say, supplementary to what we can find in documents, about Item 9 Emigration, Item 10 Housing, and Item 11(a) Nansen Office. This is, of course, of minor importance, so, unless something comes to your mind, without entailing special research, don't bother. Please send us an advance copy of the revised agenda when writing.

Yours, in haste,
[copy letter unsigned]

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