No. 92 NAI DFA 105/46

Letter from Joseph P. Walshe to Charles Bewley (Berlin)
(105/46) (Secret) (Copy)

Dublin, 1 October 1937

In reply1 reference to the questions put in your minute of the 28th instant2, I am directed by the Minister to reply as follows:

  1. You will receive instructions in due course.
  2. Only such as are obvious from the articles of the Constitution.
  3. The relations between the two countries are improving since the removal of Mr. Thomas3. Great Britain's new determination not to seek to interfere in our affairs is creating a better atmosphere for a settlement of the more outstanding questions between the two countries. But the fact remains that only the removal of partition can open the way for the final political settlement.
  4. No doubt, this type of enquirer will meet with the treatment he deserves at your hands.

[stamped] (signed J.P. WALSHE)

1 The word 'reply' has been crossed out and 'reference' has been inserted instead.

2 See document No. 91.

3 James H. Thomas.

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