No. 67 NAI DT S9311

Letter from W.A. Honohan 1 to Maurice Moynihan (Dublin)

Dublin, 25 June 1937

With reference to your minute (S.9311) of the 24th instant2, I am desired by the Minister for Finance to transmit herewith, for the information of the President, a statement in triplicate showing the amounts withheld by the Government from the British Government and the sums collected by the British Government by means of special import duties on Saorstát products, in each of the years 1932/33, 1933/34, 1934/35 and 1935/36 together with the estimated amounts in respect of the year 1936/37.

[signed] W.A. HONOHAN
Rúnaí Aire


Amount withheld by Saorstát Amount collected by Great Britain in Special Duties on Saorstát Exports Excess of amount withheld over duties collected
£ £ £
Year 1932-33 4,764,767 2,515,003 2,249,764
Year 1933-34 4,905,859 4,555,238 350,621
Year 1934-35 4,845,206 4,694,594 150,612
Year 1935-36 4,800,000 5,421,515 - 621,515
Year 1936-37
4,750,000 4,709,000 41,000
TOTALS £24,065,832 £21,895,350 £2,170,482

1 William A. Honohan, junior administrative officer, Department of Finance.

2 Not printed.

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