No. 102 NAI 2006/39

Confidential report from John W. Dulanty to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)
(No. 49a) (Secret)

London, 18 November 1937

I called at Archbishop's House, Westminster, to-day to offer congratulations to His Grace the Archbishop on his elevation to the Cardinalate.

Dr. Hinsley told me that he received a telegram about 11 o'clock on Tuesday night from Cardinal Pacelli informing him of the Holy Father's decision, but enjoining upon the Archbishop strict secrecy for the present. That was the reason, Dr. Hinsley explained, that although he sat next to me at lunch on Wednesday he had made no reference to it nor had he mentioned it to Dr. Amigo who was also present at the lunch. On Wednesday evening, however, there was a throng of reporters and photographers at Archbishop's House. He telephoned to the editor of the Osservatore Romano who informed him that it had been made public in Rome.

Dr. Hinsley said he was gratified that I was the first layman and, what was especially pleasing to him, an Irishman who had called personally. He said that his mother belonged to a large family of Ryans of Tuam. She and her uncle came over to Yorkshire during the famine time and for many years he had tried to find out whether there were any members of his mother's family still living near Tuam. Only recently a Mr. Stephen Ryan of Tuam called on him and the Archbishop was satisfied that his mother's family was still living in Ireland. His mother's youngest sister, he told me, was one of the Sisters of Mercy in Tuam, and died recently aged 102.

He said that all through his life Ireland and its position in the world had been ever present to his mind and if there was ever any opportunity of his being of service to the Irish people he would be most willing to do such service.

Dr. Hinsley asked me to convey his cordial greetings to the President and his final words at the interview were: 'My blessing to Ireland'.

[copy letter unsigned]
High Commissioner

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