No. 128 NAI DT S10389 (Annex)

Annex draft outline for defence agreement revised after conference meeting

London, 12 noon, 19 January 1938

The Government of the United Kingdom and the Government of Éire agree as follows:

  1. The harbour defences (including buildings, magazines, emplacements, fixed armaments with the ammunition therefor at present on the spot, and instruments) of Berehaven, Queenstown and Lough Swilly now occupied by United Kingdom care and maintenance parties will be handed over to the Government of Éire.
  2. The Government of Éire having taken over these harbour defences will defend the whole of their territory against external aggression, whether the purpose of the aggression be a direct attack on the people of Éire, or an attack on their trade, or as a means of securing a base from which to attack the United Kingdom.
  3. The Government of Éire will bring the defences of the ports and of the whole coast of Éire up to an adequate standard of equipment and efficiency, and will maintain the defences at that level, providing the personnel and material sufficient for the purpose, including small naval vessels and aircraft. The Government of Éire shall be the final judge of what is adequate but before coming to a conclusion will invite the Government of the United Kingdom to consult with them as to the extent of the defences necessary, and to co-operate with them in any way in which co-operation may be desired by the Government of Éire.
  4. Until such time as the Government of Éire can arrange for the allocation of forces adequate for the defence of the ports, the Government of Éire will invite the Government of the United Kingdom to co-operate in their defence by the supply of such forces, and the Government of the United Kingdom will so co-operate on such terms as may be agreed between the two Governments.
  5. The Government of the United Kingdom will, when so invited by the Government of Éire, afford technical advice and assistance in the development of defence plans and any other matters connected with defence.
  6. The Government of Éire will, where the necessary munitions or equipment cannot be made locally, purchase so far as possible their requirements in the United Kingdom.

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