No. 170 UCDA P150/2836

Letter from Eamon de Valera to Franklin D. Roosevelt (Washington)
(Copy) (Confidential)

Dublin, 22 April 1938

Dear Mr. President:
I received your very kind letter of February 22nd, and have been informed by Mr. Cudahy of the steps, following your instructions, taken by Mr. Kennedy on his arrival in London.

The knowledge of the fact that you were interested came most opportunely at a critical moment in the progress of the negotiations. Were it not for Mr. Chamberlain personally the negotiations would have broken down at that time, and I am sure that the knowledge of your interest in the success of the negotiations had its due weight in determining his attitude.

I am now happy to state that an agreement between the two Governments has been reached. The terms will have been already published before this reaches you.

So far as the matters covered are concerned, the agreement will, I believe, give satisfaction to both countries. Unfortunately, however, the matter which most affects national sentiment - the ending of the partition of our country - finds no place in the agreement. A complete reconciliation, to the importance of which I referred in my previous letter, remains still for the future. All we can hope is that the present agreement will be a step towards it.

I want to express to you my thanks for your kind interest, and for your assistance. I know of the many difficult problems of your own country which are engaging your attention, and I am deeply grateful that you could find time to give a thought to ours.

With renewed regards,
Sincerely yours,
[copy letter unsigned]

1 This document is annotated as having been seen by Joseph P. Walshe.

2 Not printed.

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