No. 199 UCDA P194/550

Handwritten letter from Joseph Walshe to Michael MacWhite (Rome)

Dublin, 3 July 1938

My dear Michael,
I hope Rome is treating you and Paula1 kindly in the matter of Climate. I passed through the air in the neighbourhood and spent a 1/2 hour at Bracciano on the morning of the 6th June, but did not feel justified in asking you to come to see me for so short a time.

The immediate object of this note is to tell you that our Sheila Murphy whom you know well is going to Rome for a short holiday and is arriving there about 9.30 p.m. on Thursday 8th July. No doubt Devlin with whom she has been in touch has told you of her project.

As Sheila is a valuable and v. amiable member of our Service, the Minister and all the brethren here will be grateful if you help to make her stay in Rome pleasant.

I should like to have a personal note from you telling me your reactions to things Roman and your hopes of doing work there 2. I was sorry to have missed you during your stay in Ireland. I hope my wanderings are over for some time.

All good wishes to you both,
Yours sincerely,

1 MacWhite's wife Paula (nee Gruttner Hillerod), a well-known Danish painter. They had married in 1921.

2 It is not clear from the documents extant if MacWhite wrote a specific report in reply to this point. However he did deal with Walshe's request in a number of despatches to Dublin. See for example documents Nos 205, 213 and 216.

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