No. 184 NAI DFA Secretary's Files S77

Letter from Peadar MacMahon to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)

Dublin, 18 May 1938

I am directed by the Minister for Defence to refer to the Agreement regarding Articles 6 and 7 of the Articles of Agreement of December 6, 1921, recently signed between the Governments of Ireland and the United Kingdom and to state that, with the concurrence of the Government, it is proposed that the transfer of the harbour defences at Cobh should take place at the earliest possible date.

It is contemplated, in this connection, that the British authorities should be requested to make available at Cobh instructors for the training of the non-commissioned officers and men who will be attached to the Coastal Defence arm and that when the latter are adequately trained, arrangements should be made for the transfer of the remaining harbour defences and properties. It is further proposed that the officers whom it is intended to appoint to the Coastal Defence arm - approximately twelve - should be sent to England to undergo a course in coastal defence duties.

As a preliminary step, it is considered desirable that a mission should travel to London for the purpose of consultation with the appropriate British authorities as to the essential requirements in regard to personnel, supply, accountancy and any other relevant matters. It is proposed that the mission should consist of Major P. Maher, Director of Artillery, Commandant J.F. Kinneen, Acting Director of Military Engineering and Mr. J.B. O'Connell, Finance Officer, Department of Defence.

The Minister would be glad, accordingly, if the views of the British authorities on the proposed consultation could be ascertained and if they could also be requested to indicate, in the event of their concurrence in the proposal, the earliest suitable date for the visit of the mission to London.


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