No. 287 NAI DFA Secretary's Files 12/3

Code telegram from William Warnock (via Geneva) to
the Department of External Affairs (Dublin)
(No. 60S) (Personal) (Copy)

Berlin, 5 September 1940

Your 1291 material effect Berlin slight, Carpentry Department of Zagret Cable Company damaged; some damage to private property in City; _____2 civilians killed. A few bombs fell near Legation. More damage Western Germany but, owing to excellent organisation, quickly repaired. In Hamburg and Bremen slight damage to industries in spite of frequent Air Raids. Planes remain very high. Fair proportion of bombs do not explode. General moral effect small apart from that caused by loss of sleep. The remarkable German successes this year have made people so confident that nothing short of major set-back could undermine morale at the present time.

General opinion if war not over in about a month it will probably continue Winter. There is always hope that Hitler will once more spring brilliant surprise.

1 Not printed.

2 No number is given in the document.

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