No. 305 NAI DFA 221/147

Code telegram from the Department of External Affairs to
William Warnock (Berlin)
(No. 166) (221/139) (Personal) (Copy)

Dublin, 27 September 1940

My 164.1 Further investigation following conference with German Minister on 23rd instant has disclosed most regrettable and embarrassing error on part of our military authorities. The French cartridge picked up on site and included among exhibits is of trench mortar type. It was not (and technically could not have been) part of aerial bomb but is identical with cartridges used in Stokes Brandt mortars which are part of regulation equipment of our infantry units some of which were on exercises at Campile two days before bombing. Mortars and ammunition were supplied to us by Messrs. Edgar Brandt of Paris and we have shown German Minister cartridges from our stock identical in every respect including the serial number on cardboard cap to the cartridge picked up at Campile. Only explanation of so inconceivable a mistake is that in the desire to get fullest evidence to German Minister as quickly as possible, he was sent details of all the articles picked up in the area before the aerial bombing experts here had concluded their examination of them. Once they came to examine the things in detail, the mistake was obvious.

Please express apologies to W.[oermann] who will probable have heard from Legation here. We appreciate reluctance of German authorities to release communiqué in view of the cartridge but now that it has been explained we hope for reasons in my 164 that communiqué may issue at once.

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