No. 321 NAI DFA Secretary's Files P2

Telegram from William Warnock to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)
(No. 74S) (Personal) (Sent via Geneva) (Copy)

Berlin, 5 November 1940

Your 200.1 I regret eye trouble forced me to restrict telegrams to the minimum in the last week(s). Coding and Decoding involve long strain on the eyes.

Material effect of air raids on Berlin small but there is certain moral effect from loss of sleep and because the people were given to understand it would be impossible for British aircraft to attack Berlin. Evacuation of children encouraged but on voluntary basis. So far air raids on too small a scale to have a decisive effect. Air raids in the West more often and possibly more effective. Damage to Hamburg slight except in the residential quarters; oil tanks hit but are empty. British aircraft often deceived by dummy factories and fires started by Germans themselves.

Food rations higher than at beginning of war.

People disappointed that high hopes of victory this autumn not fulfilled but do not doubt ultimate result. It is thought United States may enter in Spring; some surprised that Spain will not participate but not in official circles who appreciate Spanish economic position. Comment upon Greece reserved except to point out that it is a mere tool for Great Britain.

According to reports attacks on London and South East Coast have devastating results. Public now finding it difficult to understand if reports are correct how it is London population still holding out.

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