No. 298 NAI DFA Paris Embassy P33/13

Letter from Count Gerald O'Kelly de Gallagh to Seán Murphy (Vichy)

Paris, 20 September 1940

My dear Seán,

I enclose herewith another batch of documents as follows:

  1. From Miss Kathleen RABBETTE, 11 rue St. Dominique, PARIS – her expired passport together with application for new one. She asks also that a wire be sent to her mother, as follows:
  2. 'RABBETTE, College Road, Galway – Kathleen well – anxious news of family.'

  3. From Miss TWOHIG a letter to Madame de Ansaldo, at the Spanish Embassy.
  4. From the Rev. J.S. DUNLOP of Institut Missionnaire St. Augustin, Lormoy, Monthléry, S.&.O. – his expired British passport, together with application forms for Irish passport and two photographs. Father Dunlop has sent the sum of 288 francs which I am holding to the credit of the Legation.
  5. From J.H. KELVEY, Chief Officer S.S. [City of] Limerick,1 at the present interned at the Camp de St. Avén prés Vannes. I have taken the matter up with the German Embassy and hope to get Kelvey and his five mates liberated in due course. But I would very much like to know what action to take if and when they are freed. They will presumably have no means of support.
  6. From the Rev. B. THORPE, Fenioux, Déux Sèvres, a letter together with passport application forms and photographs. In the letter he alludes to a p.o. for 291,80 frs. It has not so far arrived, but it may turn up. I am acknowledging the letter and stating that I have forwarded it to you.
  7. From Miss Grace BROWNE, 66 Rue de la Bastille, NANTES, a letter with text of wire which she asks to have sent to her family. I am acknowledging the letter.
  8. From Madame M.C. BONSCASSE, 14 Bd. Gouvion St Cyr, PARIS 17ème a letter replying to yours of the 12th and asking that a message be sent to her people in Ireland. She also asks about the possibility of going to Ireland. I have not replied to the letter.
  9. From Mr. B. GOTTSCHALK, 82 Rue Boileau, BORDEAUX, and addressed to the Consul-General de Belfast. I have not replied.
  10. Copy of the certificate I gave John O'SULLIVAN.
  11. Copy of my letter (of the 18th inst)2 with enclosure, to the German Embassy, giving particulars asked for in a circular letter.
  12. Copy of a letter I addressed to REVILLOD of the Préfecture de Police and which speaks for itself.
  13. From Mrs. GRIERSON, letter to you together with letters destined for Mrs. WALLER and Mr. JOYNT.
  14. From the Comte FITZGERALD a letter to you. I have not replied.
  15. From the German Embassy a letter enclosing laisser-passer application form and presumably intended for you to sign and return.

The Guaranty Trust have telephoned to the effect that the money held for the Legation by the Credit Lyonnais at Tours has been refunded to the Legation a/c in Paris.

I understand from the German Embassy that arrangements are being made for the diplomatic correspondence between Vichy and Paris to be transmitted through the French Mission in Paris. As soon as I learn that the system is in operation, I will let you know, though you will probably be au courant yourself before I will be.

I have just had a visit from Monsieur GUYOT (Lord Granard's3 agent) accompanied by the Marquis de St Sauveur, to inform me that, though the boxes at Lamorlaye were restored to them, the dwelling house was being kept by the German military Authorities. I am taking the matter up with the German Embassy on principle, though I don't expect much satisfaction. The Military seem to do what they please.

Mr. Samuel BECKETT: 6 Rue des Favorites, PARIS 15ème, has just called. He is without news of his family and is anxious that a wire be sent to his brother, Mr. Frank BECKETT, 6 Clare St., DUBLIN, stating that he (Samuel) is back in Paris and asking for news of the family. He also asks that his brother Frank should arrange for his monthly allowance of Livre 20 – hitherto paid through the Société Générale – to be paid through the Department of External Affairs and the Legation.4

Yours ever
[handwritten] G. O'Kelly de Gallagh


15) Letter from Guarantee Trust just arrived. I phoned up and told them to comply with your instructions.

16) Letter from Sister Marie Monique Malone. I have not replied.

1 Despite being painted with Irish markings, the City of Limerick was bombed and sunk by German aircraft seven hundred miles west of Ushant in the Bay of Biscay on 15 July 1940. Two crew members were killed and the survivors were interned in France.

2 Not printed.

3 Sir Arthur Patrick Hastings Forbes, 9th Earl of Granard (1913-90), served with the RAF as air adviser to the Minister of State for the Middle East during the Second World War.

4 See No. 255.

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