No. 244 NAI DFA Paris Embassy 12/1

Code telegram from Seán Murphy to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)
(No. 104) (Personal) (Copy)

Vichy, 28 July 1940

Paid courtesy visit to Foreign Minister yesterday evening. I found him friendly. I took the opportunity of expressing to him the sentiments mentioned in your telegram 98.1 He said that he never doubted Ireland's sympathy and was very grateful for my message which he would not fail to give to the Marshal who would much appreciate it. He asked me whether Ireland remains neutral and I replied that was the intention of the Government and unanimous wish of the whole people. I asked whether he knew how the war was going between England and Germany. He replied that he knew there were unofficial conversations taking place between England and Germany with a view to settlement. The Germans would have nothing to do with Churchill or the British Government, although he believed that some members of the Government were anxious for a settlement. I then asked him if he had hopes of the Government's return to Paris in the near future. He said that unfortunately they were having great difficulty on this matter. The Germans, in view of the continuance of the war with England, were being difficult. He hoped they would succeed in returning to Paris soon as Government away from Paris was almost impossible. He himself would be prepared to put up with almost any inconvenience if they could get back to Paris. When I was leaving him he said that he would always be pleased to see me and to give me information regarding the situation in France.

The newspapers today state that all railway and postal communication between occupied and non-occupied territory is temporarily suspended.

1 See No. 236.

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