No. 280 NAI DFA Secretary's Files P3

Code telegram from the Department of External Affairs
to William Warnock (Berlin)
(No. 114S) (Personal) (Copy)

Dublin, 28 August 1940

My 111.1 Plane now definitely identified as German by witnesses and unexploded bombs. Coroner's inquest found plane was German. There is no reasonable doubt. Three girls were killed several persons suffered minor injuries creamery at Campile was destroyed and other private property was damaged. Please make formal protest reserving rights to full compensation. Public opinion here regards occurrence as unfortunate mistake but newspapers in Britain and America reported it as something more sinister. In view of this publicity particularly New York Times leader of 28th we consider it in mutual interest that we should be in a position to publish at earliest possible moment communiqué stating German Government on evidence available admit possibility of error having occurred and express regret and sympathy with relatives of victims. Statement should also indicate German readiness to compensate damage and loss. Endeavour to arrange this.

Concerning blockade we are wiring you today. Urge on Foreign Office strongly the view that for the present the less publicity there is about our position in relation to the blockade the better. The German semi-official statements made on this matter so far have served only to foster newspaper propaganda against us in America.

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