No. 144 NAI DT S11846A

Handwritten memorandum from Joseph P. Walshe to Eamon de Valera (Dublin)

Dublin, 29 March 1940

The High Commissioner takes the view that a discussion between Ministers of the two countries should take place only if he has been able to ascertain that definite concessions could be obtained. At present he is not very hopeful i.e. and this is especially the case in regard to the butter situation. (The gap between the 126/per cwt. at which they can buy all the butter they want elsewhere and our 150/ being too wide to span.) The H.C. is arriving here on Monday morning and he can then inform you and the Ministers for Supplies, I&C and Agriculture of his recent conversations with British Ministers. These have been numerous, but the question of inter-Ministerial discussions has not been raised.

As soon as a decision has been taken by the Govt. we can put our case in detail to Maffey if you so desire. So far discussions with him have been of a general and preparatory character.

J.W. 29/3/40

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