No. 84  NAI DFA Secretary's Files P35

Personal code telegram from Joseph P. Walshe to Robert Brennan (Washington)
(No. 138)

DUBLIN, 30 May 1941

Please inform State Department as follows, and leave text as memorandum:-

'The Irish Government have received the text of the memorandum communicated by the Secretary of State to Mr. Brennan on the 26th May stating that the offer of the United States Government to enter into negotiations with the Irish Government for the acquisition by the latter of two freight vessels was made unconditionally and based only upon the close and traditional friendship between the American and Irish peoples. The Irish Government appreciate this assurance, and they wish to inform the American Government that they gladly accept the offer. They are sending instructions immediately to Mr. Brennan with the object of initiating the negotiations as soon as possible.

The Irish Government also very much appreciate the assurance that the Government of the United States have no desire to attempt to influence the Irish Government in the direction of their national policy, including measures looking to the safety of the Irish nation and people.

In relation to the question of arms supplies, the Irish Government have, of course, no desire to question this or any other aspect of United States policy, and they have never at any time attempted to do so. But they must express the earnest hope that the United States Government will find it possible at a later stage to make arms and equipment available for purchase by the Irish Government, since it is the declared policy, frequently reiterated, of that Government to use arms exclusively in the defence of the Irish people against aggression. This policy of the Irish Government does not seem to be incompatible with the policy of the United States.

The Irish Government wish to express their real gratitude to the Government of the United States for the reaffirmation of the desire of that Government at all times to give every consideration to the needs of the Irish people and to the requests of the Irish Government.'

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