No. 109  NAI DFA Secretary's Files P53

Personal code telegram from Joseph P. Walshe to Robert Brennan (Washington)
(No. 183)

DUBLIN, 11 July 1941

Please address note to State Department.1 Your 211.2 Refer to repeated public statements by Taoiseach, Members of Government and Opposition Leaders of our determination to resist with all resources at our disposal aggression whence ever it may come. Recall the occasions on which you have brought policy to official notice of Department. Say that, in view of our Government's public statements, Taoiseach's conversations with Gray, your communications, and conversations which Frank is known to have had in Washington, President's statement that no assurance of our determination to resist German attack had been received has caused astonishment and speculation here, and Taoiseach has been questioned with regard to it in Dáil. Point out that a statement so much in conflict with Government's public statements, your communications, and what Frank told President, has placed Government here in position of great embarrassment. Say that, in view of foregoing, you are instructed to enquire how President's statement is to be interpreted. When presenting note, state that, in view of speculation and embarrassment caused here, you hope they will let you have very early reply. It would be well if reply included statement that President's remark was not intended to imply doubt of Ireland's determination to resist German aggression if it came and was not to be interpreted in that sense.

1 See No. 110.

2 Not printed.

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