No. 235  NAI DFA Secretary's Files P2

Personal code telegram from Joseph P. Walshe to Robert Brennan (Washington)
(No. 272)

DUBLIN, 28 October 1942

Italian and German Legations have each a personnel of six including Minister. Your 365.1 They do not send out weather reports as they are not allowed to use wireless apparatus and to our certain knowledge do not do so. We have very adequate means of detecting and preventing use of such means of communication. There is no evidence that there are axis agents at large. The only means of communication used by the Legations in question are the ordinary cables which must pass through London as there is no other route. Is there any concrete case of espionage against Americans or British by persons residing in twenty six counties.

It seems therefore unfriendly to say that Ireland's neutrality is a real danger. In no neutral country is there such a close and careful watch maintained over every possible channel of information. We should gladly welcome detailed questions from the State Department.

You should talk to the State Department generally on these lines and add that the statement in the official guide constitutes an attack on the Government because its neutrality is attacked and its good faith impugned. Request withdrawal of statement from guide.2

1 Not printed.

2 The 'official guide' was A pocket guide to Northern Ireland, produced by the American military for United States forces bound for Northern Ireland. It stated on pages 10 and 11 that 'Éire's neutrality is a real danger to the Allied cause. There, just across the Irish channel from embattled England, and not too far from your own billets in Ulster the Axis force maintain large legations and staffs. These Axis agents send out weather reports, find out by espionage what is going on in Ulster. The Ulster border is 200 miles long and hard to patrol. Axis spies sift back and forth across the border constantly'.

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