No. 229  NAI DFA Paris Embassy 49/20/1

Letter from Joseph P. Walshe to Seán Murphy (Vichy)

DUBLIN, 21 September 1942

I am directed by the Minister to inform you that we have been approached by Mr. A. Polliakoff, through the High Commissioner 's Office in the following matter.

Mr. Paul Leon who was Secretary to the late James Joyce, has been abducted by the Germans in Paris when he returned there to look after some of Joyce's manuscripts.

His son, Alexis Leon, a boy of 14 or 15 is with a Mr. A. Ponisowsky at 26, Boulevard de Belgique, Monte Carlo, Monaco.

The Spanish Ambassador in London who knows Mr. Polliakoff has communicated through a great personal friend, with Senor Laquerica, the Spanish Ambassador in Vichy, with the object of arranging for the boy to be taken to Spain, the full cost being of course covered in advance. At the time the boy's full address was not available. Will you be good enough to pass on the address to the Spanish Ambassador in Vichy.

[signed] J. P. WALSHE

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