No. 360  NAI DFA Secretary's Files P12/3

Personal code telegram from William Warnock to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)
(No. 13) (P. 21)

BERLIN, 23 December 1943

Air raids have had such a devastating effect on Berlin that it is doubtful whether return to normal conditions can be expected for some time. In most parts of city water and electricity supply has been restored, but gas is still lacking. Great suffering has been caused by fact that weather has been becoming extremely cold for time of year.

It is said up to two million people are homeless. I do not think this is an exaggeration. In area around former Legation temporary delay in houses still standing, and same can be said for countless other districts.1

I should describe attitude of population as a mixture of fortitude and apathy. The people showed magnificent discipline. Serious as blow is which has been struck against German industries and administration, Government will not be in slightest influenced in their determination to continue war, nor is their control of affairs in any way endangered. It was at first suggested diplomatic corps might be moved to (say) Carlsbad, but it appears Foreign Office determined to remain Berlin.

1 This sentence is printed as found.

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