No. 292  NAI DFA Berlin Embassy 48/1

Personal code telegram from William Warnock to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)

(No. 50)

BERLIN, 2 July 1943

Your 105.1 Practically no comments on our election.2 Reports from Stockholm say little likelihood of Government being forced out of office. Irrespective of composition new Government, policy of neutrality will be continued. Cosgrave himself definitely supported neutrality during election campaign.

Please keep me informed of developments as I cannot receive Athlone in summer months, and it is necessary that I should be in position to answer any general questions which the Foreign Office may ask. They had expected Government would have bigger majority and had not paid much attention to question.

The former Secretary of State3 (head official) Foreign Office and Under Secretary of State W.,4 both friends of Hempel, were very well disposed to us.

The new Secretary of State received me officially for the first time last week. Election results were not yet completed. He was exceedingly cordial and expressed admiration at way in which we succeeded in maintaining our neutrality. He said he wishes to see me again before my impending departure for Dublin.

1 Not printed.

2 A general election was held in Ireland on 23 June 1943. Fianna Fáil lost ten seats, being reduced from 76 to 66, with gains being made by the Labour Party and the farmers' party Clann na Talmhan which was running in its first general election. Fianna Fáil returned to power as a minority government.

3 Ernst von Weizsäcker (1882-1951), Secretary of State, German Foreign Office (1938-43).

4 Ernst Woermann (1888-1979), Director, Political Division, German Foreign Office, with title of Under-Secretary of State (1938-43).

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