No. 345  NAI DFA Berlin Embassy 48/1

Personal code telegram from William Warnock to Joseph P. Walshe
(Dublin) (No. 92)

BERLIN, 18 November 1943

Führer's speech is a good reply to anybody who had expected early end of war. Führer's position is still very strong as most people realise that any attempt to overthrow Government would only lead to civil war and anarchy.

Press devotes much attention to passage concerning reprisals for damage caused by British air raids. For some time past public has been asking when these reprisals are to start. In diplomatic circles here there is speculation as to whether Turkey will soon come into war on side of Allies.

Recent speech by Mr. Lemass on our supply position was widely reported.1 Generally speaking Press here gives impression food position in Ireland is very serious as a result of British blockade.

Speech by Taoiseach on language question also received much attention.2

1 On 10 November Lemass broadcast on Radio Éireann on the flour supply situation.

2 In Clonmel on 10 October de Valera outlined how adults were to help with the revival of the Irish language.

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