No. 89 NAI DFA 305/14/9/9

Letter from Éamon de Valera to Mr. J.P. Moore1 (Outremont)

Dublin, 8 March 1946

Dear Mr. Moore,
I duly received your letter of January 18th and enclosure2. Perhaps you know that as far back as 1921 the question of building up a world organisation of our people was taken in hand and the first Irish Race Convention was held in Paris in January 1922.3 At that Convention an organisation - FINE GAEL - was established. The political differences at home and the subsequent Civil War however put an end to it. The time is probably again ripe for a renewal of the effort.

The best way to begin would be for each country to organise itself, for example: Independent organisations should be established in the United States, in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Britain, etc. The first aim of these organisations should be to bring an end to Partition. When they are built up they could arrange to send delegates to a Race Convention to be held, say to start with, in Dublin a couple of years hence.

If you get our friends in Canada, city by city, to build up such an organisation, and they do the same in the United States, a good beginning will have been made. It should be done quietly without any fanfares. The later steps should be taken only when the organisations in the different countries have been really consolidated. The cultural side should receive particular prominence. Perhaps you might call to see our Representative in Canada, Mr. John J. Hearne, 140 Wellington St., Ottawa, and speak to him on the matter.

With many thanks for your letter and best wishes.

Sincerely yours,
É de V.

1 Unidentified.

2 Not printed.

3 See DIFP I Nos. 238 and 239.

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