No. 18UCDA P150/96

Eamon de Valera to Arthur Griffith (Dublin)
(No. 2)

The Waldorf Astoria, New York, 9 July 1919/p>

A Chara,
The papers will give you an account of our doings. My three present objectives are
(1) Pressing unofficial recognition of the Republic and preparing for campaign re the Treaty. Hence the present meetings Boston, N. York, Chicago, S. Francisco - to try later for official. I do not underestimate the difficulties.
(2) The interesting of wealthy men of the race in the industrial development of Ireland - keeping the commission idea in mind. (Try to get me Fawsitt.)
(3) The floating of the bond. This requires a big organisation and the fund being collected by the Friends of I.[rish] Freedom is a bit disconcerting.1 The whole trouble is to organise the sympathy for our cause which is widespread and harness it to a definite purpose.

The press is not hostile - but the English are massing their forces against us. I have to watch W.[ilson] very carefully he could do us great damage were he to come out openly hostile. I am waiting till we have got the people properly first - then even were he to attack it would not be deadly.

You ought to ask papers like New Ireland etc to be particularly careful at present. They will be requoted here by all the Br. agents: show up what England has got by the war. Send ...2 all the statistics (worked up) etc. that you can. The cases of the murders by the police - e.g. those in opening of the 'Two Years Atrocities' should be written up with full detail and sent me. I am anxious about the Tipperary proclamations. I hope nothing too serious.

Always in haste
E.[amon]de V.[alera]
Will be glad of hints etc - that goes without saying.

1 Friends of Irish Freedom: An Irish-American republican organisation founded in New York in March 1916, dominated by Clan na Gael. The movement was a major fund raising body for Ireland in the United States. It split in October 1920 following a rift between de Valera and American Fenian leaders John Devoy and Daniel Cohalan. The FOIF was finally wound up in 1932.
2 Word unclear.

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