No. 19 UCDA P150/96

Harry Boland to Arthur Griffith (Dublin)

New York, 9 July 1919

A Chara:-
We are about to open a campaign, and I think we may be successful in having a reservation inserted in the League of Nations in favor of Ireland. This is the most to be hoped for from official America.

Some time ago it looked as if the League of Nations would be defeated, but now the prevailing sentiment seems to be 'Peace at any price'.

The President has been received with wonderful enthusiasm. Proclamations are pouring in from all the cities and towns in the country craving a visit.

One thing you may rest assured on - American sentiment is altogether favorable to us. Governors of States, Mayors of Cities, and House of Representatives are all anxious to hear the President, and he hopes at an early date to be invited to lay the case before the Senate.

We are a little disturbed at the latest proclamation. You must keep in touch with us, and the best way to do this would be to send papers, have them posted in England, and addressed to Miss Kathleen O'Connell, 19 St. Marks Place, Brooklyn.

We will be successful with the Bond issue, and I think the President will issue a much greater sum than that originally intended. I feel sure that you, through the English papers, will be kept in pretty close touch with our work here.

The opening meeting in Boston was the largest ever accorded to any individual in the history of America - it but remains for you and our colleagues at home to keep things moving over there, and we will answer all British propagandists here. We have received a wonderful press, and we hope to leave behind us here a concrete organization drawing its inspiration from home.

Keep us posted with literature, and particularly with your own home department, as the economic side of the question is a powerful weapon for us here. Send us along all facts and figures of taxation, trade returns, shipping, etc.

Convey my kind regards to all my colleagues.
Yours sincerely,
Harry Boland

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