No. 159 NAI DE 2/304/1

Draft Treaty proposals taken by the Irish delegation to London

Dublin, 7 October 1921

Friday, Oct. 7th, 1921, 11 p.m. Aa and Ba.
Combined alternative drafts for work on by Delegation. Passed by President. (G.[avan] D.[uffy], E.[rskine] C.[hilders] and J.[ohn] C.[hartres] present.)

RECITAL. (For DRAFT A. and B.)
Great Britain having, in the name of the British Commonwealth, invited Ireland to enter into association with her and the other states of that Commonwealth and Great Britain and Ireland being equally desirous to end the ruinous secular conflict between them and to secure the mutual benefits of concord and amity, have resolved to conclude a Treaty of Settlement, Accommodation, and Association, and for that purpose have appointed,
The Government of his Britannic Majesty, George V ...
The Elected Government of Ireland ...
who, after communicating to each other their respective full powers, found in good and due form, agree upon the following:-

ARTICLE I. (For Draft A. and B.)
The British Commonwealth recognises Ireland as a sovereign and independent state, and Great Britain renounces all claims to any interference in Ireland or in Irish affairs, whether by way of government, legislation, control, or otherwise.

ARTICLE II. (For Draft A.)
The British Commonwealth agrees that Ireland shall be, and Ireland agrees to become, upon the date of the exchange and ratification of this Treaty an external associate of the British Commonwealth as set forth in this Treaty.

ARTICLE II. (For Draft B.)
Ireland agrees to become an external associate of the states of the British Commonwealth. As an associate Ireland's status shall be that of equality with the sovereign partner states of the Commonwealth now separately represented in the British Imperial Council - Great Britain, Canada, Australia, etc, and shall be so recognised by these several states.

ARTICLE III. of Draft 'A' and ARTICLE V. of 'B'.
(1) Ireland consents to be a neutral State, and the British Commonwealth guarantees the perpetual neutrality of Ireland and the integrity and inviolability of Irish territory.
(2) Ireland undertakes, both in the interest of the Irish People and in friendly regard for the strategic interests of the British Commonwealth, to enter into no compact, and to take no action, nor permit any action to be taken, inconsistent with the obligation of preserving the neutrality, integrity and inviolability of Ireland, and to repel with force any attempt to violate Irish territory or to use Irish territorial waters for warlike purposes.

ARTICLE IV. of Draft A. and ARTICLE ? of B.
Ireland will make, and his Britannic Majesty will support Ireland in making, a request to the respective Governments of the United States of America, and of all other States, not being members of the League of Nations, with whom his Britannic Majesty entertains diplomatic relations formally to recognise and guarantee the perpetual neutrality, integrity and inviolability of Ireland.

Ireland will request, and the several partner States of the British Commonwealth will support Ireland in requesting the Council and Assembly of the League of Nations formally to recognise and guarantee the perpetual neutrality as well as the integrity and inviolability of Ireland.

ARTICLE V. of Draft A. and ARTICLE ? of B.
The partner states of the British Commonwealth will support any application that may be made by Ireland for admission to membership of the League of Nations.

ARTICLE VI. of Draft A. and ARTICLE ? of B.
Within fourteen days of the signing of this Treaty, the British Government shall withdraw from Ireland all British military forces and all 'auxiliary police' and all members of their police forces recruited for service in Ireland since the 21st day of January, 1919.

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