No. 181 NAI DE 2/304/1

Memorandum from Eamon de Valera to Arthur Griffith (London)

(No. 9) (Copy)

Dublin, 27 October 1921

Yours of October 26th received.1 There is obviously a misunderstanding. There can be no question of tying the hands of the Plenipotentiaries beyond the extent to which they are tied by their original instructions. Of course a Cabinet decision cannot be withdrawn or varied except by the Cabinet as a whole.

It is because this should go without saying that I am surprised any misunderstanding has arisen.

The Delegates must understand these memos of mine, except [when?] I explicitly state otherwise, are nothing more than an attempt to keep you in touch with the views of members of the Cabinet here on the various points as they arise. I think it most important that you should be kept aware of these views, for when the Delegation returns there will be a question of a Cabinet decision as to policy.

MY GOING TO LONDON I am glad that your view agrees with my own on the matter. You may take it that going privately is impossible.

(signed) E. de V.

1 No. 179.

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