No. 245 NAI DFA ES Box 34 File 239

George Gavan Duffy to John Chartres

(No. 6/1922) (Copy)

Dublin, 16 February 1922

A Chara,


I have your letter No.2, and am sending a copy to the Director of Publicity of what you say on this subject.1

I quite agree with the suggestion of an enlarged and weekly Bulletin.

I should like to see your suggestion of the syndicated article followed up, but the moment is not a good one in view of the possibility of impending changes in your Office.

In any case, in view of the somewhat disorganised condition of some of the departments, I think it would be well to have from the Publicity Director, before embarking on this undertaking, a promise that he will do the necessary; I am writing to him as to this.

Please refer also to my letter of this date No.9.2

Le Meas,
George Gavan Duffy

1 Not Printed.

2 Not Printed.

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