No. 257 NAI DFA ES Box 34 File 239

George Gavan Duffy to Ernest Blythe (Dublin)

Dublin, 28 March 1922

A Chara,
1. I have only this morning received your letter dated 25th instant.1
2. I have carefully considered the enclosed copy letter from Mr. Charles Bewley.
3. I think he would be very suitable for a diplomatic appointment, but there is a great objection to appointing him to such a post in Germany, because his semitic convictions are so pronounced that it would be very difficult for him to deal properly with all the persons and questions within the scope of an Envoy to Berlin, where the Jewish element is very strong.
4. However, I should be glad to discuss the matter further with you, if you wish it. Mr. Bewley might be suitable for Munich or Vienna later on, as the same considerations would not arise in those places.

Le meas,
S.[eoirse] Ghabháin Uí Dhubhthaigh

1 Not Printed.

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