How to use and cite DIFP online

Using the online archive

DIFP is initially published in hard-copy volumes that cover discrete periods. The online version amalgamates this material, which can be searched as a single, coherent archive using keywords and /or criteria such as date, sender and/or recipient, location, and archival provenance.

For copyright reasons, a small number of items reproduced in the printed volumes have not been reproduced online.

Guides to archival sources and editorial practices for each volume can be found in the introductions to the individual DIFP volumes, the main texts of which are reproduced here as originally published on the pages for the individual volumes. The supporting material contained in each volume (glossaries and biographical details) has been amalgamated and updated for the online version.

Citing DIFP online:

Please cite the online version of DIFP by URL and date of access. For example: [accessed 11 September 2015]